Farm Fueling

Farm Fueling

Are High Fuel Prices Draining
Your Farm's Profits?

With narrow profit margins, many family farms struggle to stay profitable these days. Fuel costs can take a huge bite out of your bottom line. Last year’s record gas prices slashed farm incomes across the country.

On-site farm fueling saves you money by providing bulk rates cheaper than the pump. Stop wasting profits on unnecessary gas station middlemen. Keep your hard-earned money where it belongs – working for your farm.

Benefits of Farm Fueling

Customer Reviews

On-site fueling has been a game changer for our harvest productivity. The fuel shows up whenever we need it so the combines can keep rolling at peak pace. It's easily worth the service fee to maximize our cutting time.
Sam W.
Corn and Soybean Farmer
After we started bulk fuel storage, I calculated we were saving around $3,000 annually even with the on-site equipment fees. And not having to haul diesel every week frees up at least a half day for more urgent tasks.
Mark H.
Dairy Farmer
I love having predictable fuel costs despite the rollercoaster at the pumps. Add in no more 2 A.M. runs to fill up the tractors when planting drags on and I'd say the flexibility and time savings make farm fueling invaluable.
Kelly R.
Vegetable and Grain Producer

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Frequently Asked Questions

No long-term contract is required, but we do ask customers to commit to a minimum number of fuel deliveries per year so we can make the upfront equipment investment worthwhile. We offer flexible seasonal contracts to meet different farms’ needs.

We provide and install a safe fuel storage tank suited to your farm’s size and usage. You need an open site with gravel base that our truck can access year-round. Electrical or lighting at the site is not necessary. We handle equipment maintenance.

Pricing is based on the wholesale regional terminal rate plus a small delivery fee. As your annual fuel quantities increase, we can extend additional bulk rate discounts. Minimum delivery quantities are set based on storage tank size and typical farm usage, allowing for some flexibility.

All our tanks come equipped with locking access panels, precise gauge monitoring, and smart sensors that alert us immediately of any potential theft or leakage issues. We work closely with local law enforcement too.

Yes! We understand farming doesn’t run 9 to 5. As long as roads are passable, we can dispatch fuel trucks nearly any time you need fast, reliable off-hour refueling. Just contact your farm’s driver in advance per the contract terms.


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